Vice President Student Life Candidates

All underaduate students may vote for one(1) Vice President Student Life candidate.

Kevin Kempe

Mike Rines

Hayley Wade

Blue Ranger

Joke Candidate
Power Ranger Slate

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Kevin Kempe - VP Student Life Candidate



Initiate ‘Campus Connections’

  • Open an online collaboration forum for individuals, clubs, teams and organizations to coordinate events, host discussions, and share resources to build professional relationships.
  • Partner with the Centre for International Students and Study Abroad and UC International; bringing together students from campuses across Calgary, Canada,  and the world.

Promote ‘Campus Engage’

  • Bridge gaps between faculties, clubs, students, and staff by enhancing existing awareness events, competitions and fundraisers.
  • Promote opportunities through student services such as the Centre for Community-Engaged Learning, Leadership and Student Engagement Office, Wellness Centre, Residence Services, and Campus Recreation to experience university beyond the classroom.

Work Hard, Play Harder

  • Empower students to explore co-curricular, internship, volunteer and employment opportunities.
  • Advocate for a better use of student space; safe and comfortable places to rest, relax, recharge through sleep, games, and entertainment, but also creating new work space.
  • Utilize campus media to promote DINOS athletics, club teams, and on-campus sporting events with scheduling information and team updates.
  • Expand interfaculty events and social activities to build our campus community.


BA Development Studies (September 2008 - present)

Minor in African Studies

University of KwaZulu Natal Exchange in Durban, South Africa (July 2010 - June 2011)
Masakhane Leadership Program, Community Development Association, Greening UKZN

Students For Development Internship (June - September 2011)
NYEP Youth in Agribusiness Module, Sandema, Ghana
Conducted primary field research on food security

World Youth Leaders Forum, Hong Kong (July 2012)
Nomination and acceptance to present paper: “Languages of Change”

University of Calgary Rowing Club Executive (2012)
Regatta Coordinator and Fundraising Chair;
Event planning, resource development, and volunteer coordinator

Calgary Meal Exchange Coordinator (September 2011 - present)
Lead students planning monthly service days; coordinated 300+ volunteers; planned Hunger Week

Calgary Serves Participant
Calgary: Homelessness at Home (2010)
New Orleans: Food Security and Social Justice (2012)


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Mike Rines - VP Student Life Candidate

Who is Mike Rines?
In short: the best candidate for Vice President of Student Life!

Here’s why:

I bring an energetic, committed, outside perspective to achieve an ongoing goal of the Student’s Union: student engagement and promotion. The SU holds great events and I intend to get you aware and active of the benefits of your SU! Since arriving at U of C in 2009, I have been active member of our community as a Dinos varsity wrestler and Resident Student Association Student Representative. I am a networker and want to hear from each of you on how to make this place better for all students! Here’s what I will do to achieve this:

  • Increase the Visibility of the SU: I will utilize social media, making communication with students easy. I will do more to advertise our great weekly events and get out of the office and meet with students every day.
  • Make the Most of Your Great Minds - We have a bank of amazing potential and I intend to use it! I would like to encourage all fields to contribute ideas and perspectives, for example engage our marketing students to assist with advertising.
  • Promote our Clubs - I want to be personally engaged with each club and their execs to help create a solid plan for their future. I will look to implement a “Club of the Week,” to spotlight each club and create more student involvement.

I want represent your interests, to change and improve your experience at the University of Calgary. I encourage students to share their questions and ideas about campus life. I will work tirelessly to make you proud members of our campus by getting you involved in all the great experiences it has to offer! Let’s do this together!

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Twitter: votemikerines


Hayley Wade - VP Student Life Candidate


  • Current RSA Vice-President Hybrid
  • Current SU Sustainability Board member
  • Current advisor to Yamnuska Hall Council
  • Current advisor to Global Village Community Council
  • RSA Student Representative 2010-2011
  • The most qualified candidate to represent you!


  • I want to ensure all students love their experience at the UofC


Extend fall reading week;

  • Discussion and planning within University Administration
  • Research into universities that have successfully implemented fall reading week
  • Research into additional stress and anxiety management resources to implement on campus

Make the ONEcard accessible all over campus;

  • Continued negotiations with vendors and University Administration

Continue to improve and simplify clubs procedures; Improve relationships between clubs and SU;

  • Review and streamline event application and funding procedures
  • Regularly attend clubs meetings

Create a physical space for all students to call home on campus;

  • Ongoing work with current VP Student Life
  • Collaborate with University Administration on future university development
  • Conversion of underutilized classrooms into homerooms for students
  • Quality Money proposal to create additional student spaces on campus

Remove barriers and improve accessibility for disabled students;

  • Host Accessibility Awareness Week
  • Consultation and collaboration with Disability Resource Center & Vice Provost Students

Increase transparency and accessibility of the SU to all students;

  • Work closely with RSA, Dinos, etc. to ensure the student body knows what is going on within the SU and how we can help them
  • Information boards around campus with Faculty Representative and Executive photos, job descriptions and contact info so students know who they can contact at all times
  • Work with webmaster to modify and regularly maintain the SU website to ensure students have easy access to important information

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, feel free to check out the following!
Twitter: @voteHAYLEY
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Blue Ranger - Power Ranger Slate - Joke Candidate

When we arrived in Calgary following the recent tragedy in Angel Grove, we were focused on one thing: the advocation of everything that is good and honorable. We seek your election so that we can fulfill this mandate and accomplish the following:

  • Supporting students in the fight against all evil.
  • The recruitment of new members of our team is a top priority. In the fight against the newly reunited Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, it has become apparent that five or six rangers is no longer enough. As the executive of this Students’ Union, we will create opportunity.
  • The Macewan Hall master plan will be appended immediately to make room for a new command centre and storage location for our Power Zords. This project will be funded through a generous endowment from Zordon
  • We have seen the impact of "Yoga in the Space" and will introduce new programming in ‘That Empty Space’ to encourage our students to learn and master the martial arts.
  • Health is important to us. A juice bar will come to Macewan Hall. Expect It.
  • Leadership is at the core of our platform. We will advocate for increased leadership opportunities using the clubs system, and pressing the University for new opportunities. The first step to being a hero is to be a leader.
  • In this uncertain time, we must always carefully monitor our campus for operatives of evil. Alpha 5 will begin the installation of an emergency warning system immediately.

With the support of you, The University of Calgary, we can take the fight to Rita and Lord Zed, ensuring the values of truth, honor and justice prevail today, tomorrow, and into the future.

In 2012 … Let The Power Protect You